Department of Psychiatry was established with the primary aim of taking care of mental health of the population. Department is totally involved in the preventive and curative treatment of mental health issues. Undergraduate training is another very important area of functioning. Department is also involved in the awareness activities related to mental health.

Functions performed by the department:

1) Under Graduate teaching(Theory & clinical posting)

2) Interns Training program(2 weeks posting)

3) Daily outpatient Department(OPD)activities & Inpatient department activities(IPD)

OPD Activities

1) Daily General Psychiatric OPD

2) Separate cubical for Sense of privacy in interview and examination for each patient

3) Assessment of intellectually disabled children and certification

4) Assessment of mentally disabled persons and certification

5) Assessment of judicial and prison referrals for mental health reports

6) Counseling and treatment for different mental disorders including problems of addiction and sexual function

7) Screening of children for psychiatric illness

8) Counseling and guidance for parent for placement of child in special school

Speciality Clinic

1) learning Disability Clinic -Daily

2) Headache Clinic- Monday

3) Sex therapy and counselling clinic- Thursday

IPD Activities

1) Total no Beds-10

2) Separate wards for Male and Female Patients

3) Indoor facilities for management of psychiatric emergencies

4) Detoxification facility

5) Pharmacological management


1) Strengthen educative approaches in mental health

2) Introduce specialty facilities viz.learning disability center,deaddiction services

3) introduce post graduate medical education

4) Develop independent inpatient psychiatric facilities

5) Deaddiction and rehabilitation services



Sr.No Name Photo Designation Contact
1. Dr Prasad Deshpande Professor 8999364804
2. Dr Pradip Bodke Associate Professor 9221921327
3. Dr Umesh Atram Associate Professor 9890365552
4. Dr Narayan Sawant Registrar 7028131305
5. Dr Rohit Thakkarwad Senior Resident 8421912020
6. Dr Balaji Amle Assistant Professor 8317245793
7. Dr Vijay Kharat Psychiatric Social worker 9075309688
8. Mr Amol Nimbalkar Clinical Psychologist 9511226611
9. Mr Hanumant Bhalerao Special Educator 8329223761
10. Mr Ramdas Malegave Special Educator 9764830240
11. Mr Chakradhar Khansole Servant 8459280822