Department of Pathology, DrShankarraoChavan Government Medical College,Vishnupuri,Nanded was established in 1988 with envisions that leading the devlopments in the fields of academic pathology &clinical pathology. Since then it is actively enagaged in study of diseases,to ensure patient safety and well being.It is commited to dissemination of knowledge besides training of undergraduate and post graduate students to achieve excellence in patient care.

Besides academic training department also provide opportunities of capacity development for staff to enhance their skills and lead the research by example and build and promote platforms for dissemination of knowledge and skills.

Department also provides foster research in curriculum devlopement , basic research into various aspects of disease understandings and management and initiate and promote interdisciplinary and translational research.


• Department of pathology is actively involved in patient care,diagnostic services and academic training of undergraduate and post graduate students so as to give comprehensive diagnostic and curative health care approach.It also aims at imparting quality medical education and practical approach towards diagnostic pathology and laboratory medicine.


• The Department emphasizes training of undergraduate and post graduate students to enhance the understanding of disease causation, application of knowledge to provide highest quality patient care and to lead further developments in chosen field of interest.

• Department also provides generation of resources material and providing facilities for training faculty and students in areas of diagnosis, research and patient care and for spreading awareness in community for prevention of diseases.

BODY DONATION Awareness Program

With the initiatives of faculty members of the department body donation awareness program is being conducted. Banners, posters, lectures and exhibitions concerning the various aspects of body donation are arranged in special community groups in nearby villages and in nearby cities and also on Akashvani.


Undergraduate –Teaching

1.Second MBBS students 150/Year.Department conducts lectures and prcaticals programs as per MUHS,Nashikguidelines.Departmentsalso conducts internal and university exams and prepares internal assessment .Knowledge of students also boosted by regular seminars,CMEs,Case discussions etc.

2.Bachelor of Paramedical Technology (BPMT) -Department conducts lectures and prcatical programs as per MUHS,Nashik guidelines.

Post graduate Teaching

1. M.D Pathology: 04 students/year.
Post graduate teaching and training program consist of working in various laboratories such as clinical pathology and hematology ,clinical biochemistry ,blood bank ,surgical pathology by rotation.In addition post graduate students have the assignments of investigations.They participate in regular weekly teaching sessions of Post graduate activities, slide seminars and death audits and also monthly journal reviews, case presentations, open forum discussions etc. Also didactic lectures for M.D students are conducted in collaboration with other collegues.

2. Diploma in Medical Lab Technology- The course consist of 18 months, first 1 year consist of lectures, practicals and regular practical training in verrious laboratories.Last 6 months is all practical training in laboratories.( As Per MUHS,Nashik guidelines.)

1. Haematology and Clinical Pathology services


• Haematology Laboratory.

• Cytology Laboratory.

• Emergency Medical Services Laboratory(24 hour service)

2. Histopathology Services

• General Surgical Pathology

• Systemic Surgical Pathology.

3. Autopsy & Medico-legal Services

4. Cytopathology:

• Fine needle aspiration cytology,guidedaspirations,exfoliative cytology etc

Total Number of Annual Investigations done in Pathology Department In Last 3 Years.

2017 165358 88469 5664 2796 375/09 4014
2018 175602 65132 5020 3287 509/16 5074
2019 177847 108661 6177 3589 463/19 3133


The Pathology department has FDA approved blood bank with component separation facility along with separate area for aphersis for future approval.Blood bank practices safe blood collection through voluntary blood donation camps and provides safe blood to patients in need.There are also nearabout 250 patients of thalassemia and sickle cell anaemiaregistered with our blood bank ,these patients need regular blood transfusion for survival.Blood Bank also provides blood to patients with RTA,ANC etc.The blood collection is 100% voluntary and there is 100% component separation policy adopted.


2017 6837 5701 951 1066 00
2018 6219 4781 1447 1415 09
2019 5688 3141 3333 2356 04


The members of the faculty carry out research projects independently and also in collaboration with other clinical departments.


1. Organizations of CME,Workshopsetc by department regularly.

2. Publications in national and international journals from department:10 to 15 per year.

3. Department also conducts Death audit meetings regularly.

4. MAPCON 2019 First prize in poster presentation held at Akola.

5. 2ndRuners up in State level haemato-oncology quiz held at IGGMC,Nagpur.



Size : 21 Sq. meter

• Capacity: 8-12 staff members can use the Library at a time.

• Number of books in Pathology and allied subjects. : 150Books.


Size : 70 Sq. meter

Arrangement : Body system wise arrangement in Steel rack

Mounted : 534

Unmounted : 100

No. of microscope available to the students in the museum. : 05

List of charts, photographs, models andother exhibits other than the Models are displayed in a rack. specimens and their arrangements. : 60 - Charts & 06 Models.

No. of catalogues of the specimens available to the students.with Gross and Microscopic descriptions are available. : Catalogues of all the Specimens

seating arrangement for students
• Type : Level type • Number : 40

Ante-room : Yes



Sr.No Name Photo Designation Contact
1. Dr.M.A Sameer Professor and Head 09970069969
2. Dr. S.A. Deshpande Associate Professor 9823526606
3. Dr S.V Suvernkar Associate Professor 9860720236
4. Dr V G Mudholkar Associate Professor 9421838955
5. Dr Y.H Chavan Associate Professor(Blood Bank) 9970054434
6. Dr P.S Mulay Assistant Professor 9423441596, 9421291114
7. Dr P.N Kadam Assistant Professor 9890172702
8. Dr M. G Panchal Assistant Professor 9404800744
9. DrVijayaMuddamwar Assistant Professor 08275938690
10. Dr Deepak Sadhu Assistant Professor 09860127959
11. DrSantoshPawar Assistant Professor 09503007847
12. DrNafelaSiddiqui Assistant Professor(BloodBank) 9130832447
13. DrSanjivani More Assistant Professor 9890684326
14. Dr Rama S. BTO 7010062624
15. DrPallaviSonkamble BTO
16. DrKiranDegaonkar BTO 8605442527


Sr.No Name Photo Designation Contact
1. Dr Priyanka Chandak JR 3 9834962451
2. DrAanchalKhosla JR 3 6560621196
3. DrRupaliSonwane JR 3 7387371328
4. DrAshwiniMakode JR 3 9834176138
5. Dr Vishal Rajput JR 3 7720827707
6. DrNileshPatil JR 2 8454070303
7. DrNitishIngole JR 2 9167490596
8. Dr Natasha Patel JR 2 7798626110
9. Dr Helen Paul JR 1 8921779918
10. DrFarooquiUmmeAmmarah JR 1 7620000687
11. DrShailjaBoralkar JR 1 9561998996

Office Staff,Technical And Paramedical Staff

Sr.No Name Photo Designation Contact
1. Saraf A P SrCleark 7057263317
2. Mrs.Anuradha Muley Lower grade stenographer 9850846083
3. BhagwanWanje Lower grade stenographer 9860159665
4. Sanjay Pandit JrCleark 9421292727
5. U.D Kendre Lab.Technician 9370996095
6. Adbalwar Satish Lab.Technician 9960889825
7. Mrs. Chitra Chimne Lab.Technician 953276336
8. Ram Bhosle Lab.Technician 9922008525
9. Arif Patel Lab.Technician 9765360412
10. Shaikh Iftekar Assistant Technician 7774816428
11. Mutkule Digamber Lab Technician 8806319610
12. Pichkewar Sanjay Lab Technician 9421551653
13. Suhas Patil Assistant Technician 9158328832
14. Waghmare Ravindra Lab Technician 7709141983
15. Shri .Shetwad Shankarrao Lab Technician 7350936337
16. Shekapurkar Balaji Lab Technician 9579363011
17. Vijay Deshmukh Lab Technician 9424940299
18. Kavthekar Chandrakant Assistant Technician 7083419344
19. V.D Bhong Lab Technician 7020824708
20. Nagergoje Suryakant Lab Technician 9860599036
21. Nagergoje Vijay Lab Technician 9823546627
22. Rahi Desai Lab Technician 9970118679
23. Ramrao Jadhav Lab Technician 9823211177
24. K G Shaikh Blood Bank Technician 8830579167
25. Rajeshwar Meghraj Assistant Technician 9850055838
26. J.G Patel Lab Technician 8975438140
27. Shaikh Javed Lab Technician 9823178600
28. H S Pimple Lab Technician 9561726503
29. Uma Garad Blood Bank Technician 9561537482
30. Ramesh Rathod Social service supritendent 8421802725
31. Awchar Sharad Social service supritendent 9561958458
32. Kejkar Govind Lab Attendent -
33. Sakhale Mukund Painter 9766413474
34. Sujit Khillare Photographer 8999452506
35. Jadhav Shesherao Lab Attendent 8007142533
36. Waghmare Alka Peon -
37. D M Chandekar - Lab Attendent -