• Dr. Shankarrao Chavan Government Medical College Nanded was established in the year 1988.
  • From 1988-1991 Department of Anaesthesiology was working with Department of Surgery with the help of Class I & Class II Medical Officers of Previous Civil Hospital.
  • Separate department was established in the year 1991.
  • First professor of Anaesthesiology was Dr. A. S. Tondare in 1991
  • After 1991, The department was run by Teaching Staff of Medical College and Medical Officers of Civil Hospital.
  • Maharashtra State Conference 2002 was conducted by Department of Anaesthesiology and ISA City Branch Nanded.
  • OPD Anaesthesia was started in the year 2003
  • CPS (College of physician and surgeons) course for Diploma in Anaesthesiology was started in the year 2005.
  • Life Saving Anaesthesia Skills in Emergency Obstetric Care Course for Medical Officer was started in the year 2007.
  • The department of Anaesthesia was permitted to start Postgraduate course in Anaesthesiology in May 2010.
  • 2 MD Candidates and 2 Diploma Candidates were permitted for admission every year by MCI.
  • The postgraduate course for Diploma in Anaesthesiology was recognized by Medical Council of India in the year 2012.
  • The postgraduate course for MD Anaesthesiology was recognized by Medical Council of India in the year 2013.
  • Bachelor of Paramedical Technician (BPMT- Operation Theatre) was started in the year 2012.
  • ISA sponsored CME was conducted by Department of Anaesthesiology and ISA City Branch Nanded in the year 2015.
  • Department of Anaesthesiology was shifted from old premises in Vazirabad to New Premises at Vishnupuri in October 2015.

HEAD OF DEPARTMENT OF ANAESTHESIOLOGY- PAST & PRESENT Name of Professor and Head of Department Photo From To
1. Dr. A. M. Tondare 16-12-1991 06-03-1996
2. Dr. R. G. Pathak 07-03-1996 28-02-2005
3. Dr. S. D. Yennawar 01-03-2005 27-03-2012
4. Dr. R. G. Pathak 28-03-2012 31-08-2017
5. Dr. S. D. Yennawar 01-09-2017 24-09-2017
6. Dr. N. K. Nandanwankar 25-09-2017 16-10-2017
6. Dr. S. D. Yennawar 17-10-2017 30-04-2020
6. Dr. N. K. Nandanwankar 01-05-2020 Till date
  • At Vishnupuri, there are total 18 Operation Tables of which 13 Operation Rooms are Modular & 3 Emergency Operation Tables.
  • Liquid Oxygen Plant for the Hospital of Capacity 10 kl on 5th January 2016.
  • LSAS Training till now- 50 Candidates are trained.
  • BPMT ( Operation Theatre Technician )- 2 Candidates have passed with Distinction.
  • Basic Life Support Workshop for Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation was conducted for training Undergraduate students, Postgraduate students, Dental Surgeons and Public Awareness.
  • Organ Donation Committee was formed in 2015 under Chairmanship of Professor Dr. R. G. Pathak and Various activities were conducted from 30th August 2016.
  • Best Selfie Prize for the year 2016.

  • • State Conference of Anaesthesia ISACON 2017 was organized by Department of Anaesthesia and ISA City Branch Nanded.
  • • In 2017, Department of Anaesthesiology was having 3 MD and 2 Diploma Seats.
  • • In 2019, Due to Conversion of Diploma to Degree Seats by MCI, Our Department was granted with 5 MD Anaesthesiology Seats.
  • • 5 PG Students have won Gold Medal at MUHS University Examination.Of which, 2 MD Candidates have won N.D. Sathe Gold Medal and 3 Diploma Candidates have won Dr. Dalvi Gold Medal
  • • In 2020, The Faculty and Residents of Anaesthesiology Department are working as frontline warriors in COVID 19 Pandemic.

The postgraduate course for MD Anaesthesiology was recognized by Medical Council of India in the year 2013.


  • To provide Anaesthesia Services for routine and Emergency Surgical Procedures
  • To provide Critical Care to patients in Post Anaesthesia Care unit.
  • Our Department of Anaesthesia offers Comprehensive training in perioperative patient Care, Pain Management and Critical Care Management.
  • Our Programme aims to train expert clinicians, future leaders in field of Anaesthesia, and Clinician Scientists who will expand our speciality.
  • To Conduct the Scientific Programmes of the Speciality for those who have left the institution and working outside in private sector.


  • Well equipped PACU (Post anaesthesia care unit )
  • Extending anaesthesia services to Labour analgesia & pain clinic with use of ultra sonography for nerve blocks .
  • To encourage fellowships in country and abroad for staff members/ teachers.
  • To provide better working conditions to residents & staff members in the department of anaesthesiology.
  • To start Superspeciality in Cardiac and Neuroanaesthesia.
  • To upgrade the department of Anaesthesiology in following respect:
      - Pain Clinic
      - USG guided blocks


1. Undegraduate- teaching training and Research:

In this department training is given to Undergraduate students regarding Basic Life Support. These trainings are given in the form of lectures and Hands-on CPR. Lectures on Basic Anaesthesia topics are taken by Teaching Faculty.

2. Internship Training

It is mandatory to complete 1 year internship after passing MBBS. During Internship orientation Programme, Basic Life support, Advanced Cardiac Life Support, Perioperative Monitoring of patient, Spinal Anaesthesia and Intubation training are given. Internship includes fifteen days of training under the department of Anaesthesiology. Interns are posted in Operation Theatres and Anaesthesia OPD.

3. Postgraduate- Teaching training and Research

As per the Indian Medical Council guidelines, admission are given for 5 MD seats every year. So, total 15 post graduate students are working in the department at present. During Post-graduate orientation Programme, Basic Life support and Advanced Cardiac Life Support training lectures given to Post-graduate students from all departments.

PG Activities are conducted in the form of Journal Reading, Seminars, Case Discussion and Video Lectures. PG Activities are conducted 3 days in a week. During their curriculum , PG students are trained for giving Regional and general anaesthesia, Critical Care Management and Pain Management. During the three year of postgraduate training a PG student has to submit Dissertation and one paper/poster presentation in State / National / International Anaesthesia Conference. One published Research paper compulsorily as per the guidelines of MUHS.

4. Organ Donation

Organ Donation Campaign was started in Anaesthesiology Department in 2015. Organ Donation Committee was formed with Professor and Head of Anaesthesia as President and Associate Professor as Secretory of that Committee.2 Organ Retrieval were successfully done in the year 2016.

Organ Donation Awareness Programmes are conducted regularly and Organ Donation forms are filled regularly.

5. Operation Theatre.

Anaesthesia for routine & emergency operations in general surgery, Orthopaedics, ENT, Ophthalmology, Obstetric & Gynaecology.

Providing anaesthesia outside operation theatre for C.T Scan and Radiology.

6. Critical Care

Post Anaesthesia Critical Care and Surgical Intensive Care patients are managed by our Department.

7. Central Gas Manifold System

• Our Hospital has Central Oxygen Plant with 10 Kl Liquid Oxygen Tank.

  • Oxygen nodes – 408.
  • Oxygen Cylinders : Jumbo – 240 and Small – 275

• Central Suction Unit

• Central Air – Medical Air and Surgical Air.

The Central Gas Manifold System is looked after by Department of Anaesthesiology.

8. Covid 19 Pandemic.

Presently Anaesthesiology Faculty and Residents are working as Frontline Warriors in COVID 19 Pandemic. They are working in Operation theatre as well as COVID ICUs.



Department of Anaesthesia is having the following set-up:

• Department Office Professor and head Cabin, Associate Professor Cabins and Assistant Professor Cabins, Clerk and Steno Cabin.

• Departmental Library:The departmental library has more than 100 Anaesthesia textbooks, Journals and reference books.

• Departmental Seminar Hall: Capacity- 50 students.
LCD Projector, Audio-visual System and Laptop.
Air Conditioned
PG Acivities Conducted in Seminar Hall.

• Department Conference hall:100 Members sitting Capacity Air Conditioned Conference Hall present in which various CMEs and Workshops are conducted.

• Anaesthesia Museum5 Maniquins of Adult CPR, Paediatric CPR, Intubation, Central line and Peripheral line.
Photos of Historical Personalities and Different Anaesthesia Charts are displayed.

• Operation Theatre Complex : Modular OT Complex with 18 Major Operation Theatres and 2 minor OT and 2 Septic OT.
3 General Surgery OT, 1 Endoscopy OT, 1 Minor and 1 Septic OT.
2 Ophthalmology tables
3 Orthopaedic OT with 1 minor OT
3 Gynaecology OT with 1 Emergency Labour Room OT.
2 COVID OTs (1 General and 1 Obstetric OT)
4 Recovery Rooms.
Faculty and Student Rooms.
Lockers for Faculty and Residents

Equipments in Operation Theatre:

Sr.No Dept. of Anesthesiology
1. Anaesthesia work stations
2. Anaesthesia machine with ventilator
3. Cardiac monitor with defibrillator
4. Pulse oximeter
5. Computer
6. ECG machine
7. Multipara monitor
8. Fiber optic broncoscope
9. ICU Ventilator
10. Capnometer
11. Maniquin - adult & pediatric
12. Fogger machine
13. Infusion pump
14. LCD projector
15. Jet-ventilator
16. Ventilating Bougie
17. LMA
18. C-trach
19. Emergency Crash Cart
20. Air Conditioner
21. Electric suction machine
22. Peripheral Nerve locator and Mapper
23. Emergency Resuscitation kit.
24. Infra Red Thermometer
25. Aerosol Intubating Box for COVID 19 patients


Awards & Achievements

Department of Anaesthesiology received following awards:

  • Best Selfie Prize for the year 2016 in Students Annual Gathering
  • Appreciation Certificate for Organ Donation 2016-17 for conducting first Organ Donation Successfully.
  • Academic Excellence Award in 2017.


Sr.No Name of PG students Photo Merit Award
1. Dr Sugatri Kante(MD Anaesthesiology) Second in merit in MUHS MD Anaesthesiology Examination in May 2014 Dr. N. D. Sathe Gold Medal Award for being topper in Marathwada region.
2. Dr Priyanka Holani(Diploma in Anaesthesiology) First in merit in MUHS Diploma in Anaesthesiology in May 2014 Dr. Dalvi Gold Medal Award for being topper in Marathwada region.
3. Dr Meghsham Kulkarni First in merit in MUHS MD Anaesthesiology Examination in May 2016. Dr. N. D. Sathe Gold Medal Award for being topper in Marathwada region.
4. Dr Shalini D.S.(Diploma in Anaesthesiology) First in Marathwada region in MD Diploma Anaesthesiology Examination in May 2016. Dr. Dalvi Gold Medal Award for being topper in Marathwada region.
5. Dr Pallavi Dahare(Diploma in Anaesthesiology) First in merit in MUHS Diploma Anaesthesiology Examination held in May 2017. Dr. Dalvi Gold Medal Award for being topper in Marathwada region.



Sr.No Name Photo Designation Contact
1. Dr. Niteen Khanderao Nandanwankar Associate Professor and Head 9823121986
2. Dr. Sachin Rameshrao Totawar Associate Professor 9860184768
3. Dr.Nazima Yusuf Memon Assistant Professor 9324222310
4. Dr. Sarfaraz Ahmed Sirajjuddin Assistant Professor 9021039780
5. Dr. Kalyani Venkatrao Malshetwar Assistant Professor 8451821595


Sr.No Name Photo Designation Contact
1. Mohd. Abdul Rasheed Lab Technician 9823687510
2. Mohd. Sardaroddin Ejaj Shaikh Lab Assistant 9823288555
3. Shri Uddhav L. Pawar Senior Clerk 9421867345
4. Shrimati Sangita Chandrakant Phutane Lower grade Steno 9860287790
5. Shri Kashiram Mortale Class IV 9850701769
6. Shri Gaikwad Gardener 7841920901
7. Shri Vishal Ramesh Dawane Sweeper 9766840173


Sr.No Name Photo Designation Contact
1. Dr. Asmita Bhalke Senior Residents 9890653439
2. Dr. Savita N. Senior Residents 9561509259
3. Dr. Salim Shaikh Senior Residents 9867682112
4. Dr. Minakshi Chole Senior Residents 7709298042
5. Dr. Pournima Panchal Senior Residents 8408961745
6. Dr. Preeti Tondewad Registrar 7776088703
7. Dr. Gajanan Raut Registrar 8275285897
8. Dr. Gajanan Raut Registrar 8275285897
9. Dr. Ashwini Hendre H.O. 9766460901


Sr.No Name Photo Designation Contact
1. Dr. Athar Siddique Junior Residents 9890653439
2. Dr. Manisha Tompe Junior Residents 9130590524
3. Dr. Ajay Jogdand Junior Residents 9503190763
4. Dr. Juhi Bagga Junior Residents 9975828339
5. Dr. Thrupthi B.P. Junior Residents 7776088703
6. Dr. Mukhtar Junior Residents 9881798882
7. Dr. Vinod Kompalwad Junior Residents 9960266860
8. Dr. Sheetal Pawar Junior Residents 9326025379
9. Dr. Vrushali Mahatme Junior Residents 9850209090
10. Dr. Gokul Junior Residents 9947637127
11. Dr. Aditi Burkul Junior Residents 9881089689
12. Dr. Shreyas Shridhar Junior Residents 8660283149




Awards & Achievements