Department of Pediatrics was established in Dr. Shankarrao Chavan Government Medical College and Hospital, Nanded in year 1993. Late Dr. R.N. Nagalgaonkar was the first Head Of the Department. Since then, the department has advanced in high quality patient care and management-catering to over 30,000 outdoor patients and more than 10000 indoor patients every year from rural & tribal part of Marathwada, Vidarbha & also from neihghboring states Telangana & Karnataka. The Department has established high standards in Pediatric medicine with its state of the art medical facilities with Pediatric Emergency Services , Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU), Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) and a round the clock availability of team of pediatricians. The department have set up of well equipped 20 bedded PICU, 40 bedded NICU & 2 general wards with 30 beds each. Various specialty clinics are run by the department.


• To train the undergraduate & post-graduate students to acquire adequate knowledge and appropriate skills for optimally dealing with major health problems of infants and children to ensure their optimal growth and development.

• To provide comprehensive paediatric health services


To increase UG & PG intake capacity of Institution.

To start Fellowship Courses in Paediatric Intensive Care & other paediatric sub specialties

To upgrade the ICU facilities.

To start SNCU under NHM Scheme

To increase the Paediatric ICU & Neonatal ICU beds strength.

To start Specialised Nursing courses in Neonatology& Paediatric ICU.


Undergraduate- Teaching Training and Research

In this department training is given to undergraduate students regarding various aspects of Neonatology & paediatrics, for the period 2-3 months as per MUHS University Nashik, Guidelines & schedule. These trainings are given in the form of lectures, practical, Bedside Clinics, Ward rounds, observing various procedures held on admitted patients. After ending of each posting a post end practical & theory exam is conducted. The marks obtained will be added to internal marks in final examinations. Undergraduate students encouraged to take part in Indian Academy of Paediatrics Quiz at zonal & national levels.

Internship Training

There is compulsory rotatory posting in Department of Paediatrics during the tenure of internship. During this period all posted intern are trained to improve their clinical skills by allowing them to work in PICU, NICU & Wards. They are trained to improve their clinical skills. They are also allowed to observe & to participate in various invasive & non- invasive procedures done in emergency & non- emergency department. They are specially trained to attained deliveries, neonatal resuscitation, newborn care, immunization, malnutrition & IMNCI management.

Postgraduate- Teaching training and Research

MCI affiliated post graduate course started in Department of Paediatrics from the academic year 2019-20. The department has its first batch of 3 post graduate students. They are posted in rotation at OPD, NICU, PICU. The post graduate students are trained to attend all deliveries & to perform neonatal resuscitation. Their academic training in the form of Bedside clinics, ward rounds, seminars, case presentation, journal club, recent advances. They manage patients according to standard protocols & perform various invasive & non- invasive procedures done in emergency & non- emergency department under the guidance of seniors. Periodic assessment of post graduate students is done according to university guidelines. They are expected to work on a dissertation topic & it is mandatory to submit the thesis before final examination .They is allowed to participate in national & international conferences & to present paper.


At present there is no super-specialty courses in the the Department; however the department runs its weekly specialty clinics.

Other Services

A) Master in Public Health & Nutrition (MPHN):

The Government of Maharashtra has decided to start Master of Public Health (Nutrition) MPH(N) from academic year 2018-19. Permission was granted for 20 seats for this institute. All the MPHN students are provided teaching and training in Navjat Shishu Suraksha Karyakram (NSSK) & Integreted Management of neonatal & Childhood illness (IMNCI).

B) Modern Pharmacology- Teaching and Training

The Certificate course in Modern Pharmacology (CCMP) is started under MUHS, Nashik, from academic year 2017-18. Permission was granted for 50 seats for this institute. All the modern pharmacology students are provided teaching and training of management of common illness in paediatrics & neonatology & their danger signs.



The department of paediatrics includes office area, rooms for HOD & faculties as per MCI norms, well equipped seminar/tutorial hall of capacity 50 students, departmental library& departmental museum.

Departmental library:

The departmental library has more than 160 textbooks and reference books including Neonatology, emergencies, Paediatric super speciality, general paediatric & infectious diseases.

The departmental library also has various National & international journals.

The department is having facility for online access to various paid journals & literature for undergraduate, post graduate students & for faculties that is helpful in research activities & updates in recent advances.

Departmental museum:

The departmental museum has models, mounted models, wooden charts, banners, posters; catalogues are available for undergraduate & post graduate teaching, training.

Out Patient Department (OPD):

OPD of Department of paediatric is on first floor, OPD building of Dr SC Govt. Medical College, Vishnupuri, Nanded. OPD is having total 10 rooms including separate consultation for residents, Assistant professor, Associate professor & professor/ HOU, treatment room & separate clinic / demonstration room as per MCI norms. OPD consists of spacious waiting room & playing area for the children.

Department have Child guidance, Child Rehabilitation & Child welfare OPDs as per MCI norms.

OPD notes & patient related data are entered in HMIS system. All investigations & treatment ordered online to encourage paperless environment.

Daily general paediatric OPD & various weekly specialty clinics are run by Department of paediatrics as per following schedule:

Sr.No Name of the Clinic Days on which held Timings Average No. of cases attended Name of Clinic In-charge
1. Paed. Cardiology Monday 3Pm- 5Pm 10-15 Dr Kishor Rathod
2. Paed. Nephrology Monday 9Am- 1Pm 20-25 Dr Sudhakar Bantewad
3. Paed. Endocrine Tuesday 3Pm- 5Pm 3-5 Dr Arvind Chavan
4. Paed. Haematology Wednesday/ Saturday> 9Am- 1Pm 20-30 Dr Sarfaraz Ahmed
5. Paed. Gastro ( Diarrhoea ) Thursday 9Am- 1Pm 20-25 Dr Sudhakar Bantewad
6. Paed. Neurology Thursday 3Pm- 5Pm 5 Dr Kishor Rathod
7. Neonatology
(i) High Risk Newborn
(ii) Well baby clinic
Tuesday / Friday 9Am - 1 Pm 10 Dr Saleem Tambe
8. Immunisation Daily 9Am - 1 Pm 25 Dr Arvind Chavan
9. Paed. Asthma Friday 3Pm- 5Pm 10-15 Dr Nagesh Lonikar
10. Thalassemia Wednesday / Saturday 9Am – 1 Pm 20-30 Dr Sarfaraz Ahmed

In addition to above, Disability certificates are issued by Department on regular basis in the OPD in collaboration with hospital administration.

• In patient Department

A) Paediatric General Wards:

As per MCI norms, the Department of Paediatric is having two separate wards of 30 beds each for two separate units. Ward No. 7 & Ward No 13. Each ward is having few beds with central oxygen supply. Both the wards are having separate clinic cum demonstration room for training of undergraduate & post graduate with the capacity of 25 students. Both the wards have side Lab. Wards also have separate rooms for staffs, on duty resident doctors & a pantry.

B) Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) :

The Department of Paediatric has state of art Critical Care Unit for neonates. The NICU is well equipped, 40 bedded tertiary care center. It has Centralised oxygen & suctioning ports, servo controlled radiant heat warmers, LED phototherapy units, Neonatal Ventilators, CPAP, Apnea monitors, Multipara Monitors, Pulse oxymeters, syringe & Infusion Pumps.

There are separate blocks for admission of Preterm, inborn, outborn & septic babies. All standard aseptic precautions are taken in NICU.

Mothers of NICU admitted babies are educated, trained & encouraged for breast feeding & Kangaroo Mother care as a part of baby friendly hospital initiative.

There is a separate resting area adjacent to NICU for mothers of babies admitted in NICU.

C) Paediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU) :

Department have exclusive 20 Bedded Critical care PICU. It has Centralised oxygen & suctioning ports, Paediatric Ventilators, Centralised monitoring system with Multipara Monitors, Pulse oxymeters, syringe & Infusion Pumps.

D) Paediatric casualty:

Department runs dedicated, 24 X 7 paediatric casualty with round the clock availability of Post MD Senior resident & post Graduate residents. It has emergency OPD & treatment/ stabilization beds with central oxygen & suction facility.

All staffs working in NICU / PICU are well trained & skilled for the specialty. Hands on trainings are provided to the staffs on regular basis regarding Aseptic precautions, Neonatal nursing care & Hand Hygiene.



Sr.No Name Photo Designation Contact
1. Dr.Saleem H. Tambe Professor & HOD 9326194060
2. Dr. Kishor Rathod Associate Professor 7507500661
3. Dr. Arvind Chavan Assistant Professor 8421441115
4. Dr. Sarfraz Ahemad Assistant Professor 9823130770
5. Dr. Sudhakar Bantewad Assistant Professor 9503802084
6. Dr. Nagesh Lonikar Assistant Professor 8275197127
7. Dr. Sandeep Wathores Senior Resident 7709462611
8. Dr. Dhananjay Patil Senior Resident 7776897495
9. Kamale Akshay sunil Resident 9421258517
10. Dr. Sameer Shaikh Resident 9975752248
11. Dr. Shital Mule Resident 8275879020
12. Dr. Suvidha Sardar Resident 8551867785
13. Dr. Supriya Kole Resident 9423606472
14. Dr. Mangesh Karemore Resident 9403532451
15. Avdhut Tawde Social Worker 9422234091
16. Sandeep Khelge Blood Bank Technician 9423615418
17. Jyoti Kale Sweeper 8999775097
18. Suresh Dulganj Sweeper 8208699798