Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology , Dr. S.C. Government Medical College was established in 1988 with primary objectives of safe motherhood, reproductive and child health care, efficient family welfare programme and to decrease maternal mortality and morbidity. Play a vital role in the medical education of undergraduates and post graduates which according to the Medical Council of India. Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology have evolved considerably and are continuously adapting themselves to their changing roles and expectations.


Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology is actively involved in betterment of maternal and reproductive health, cancer screening programme , family welfare programme through its comprehensive health care approach.


Steps to reduce maternal mortality, to provide various treatment facility for different gynecological problems , preventing and managing the complications of pregnancy , providing various methods of contraceptive measures.


• Undegraduate- teaching training and Research:

In this department training is given to Undergraduate students regarding basic anatomy, physiology of reproductive health and problems related to it. These trainings are given in the form of lectures, practicals, experiments, seminars.

• Internship Training:

It is mandatory to complete 1 year internship after passing MBBS. Internship includes two months of training under the department of Obstetrics and Gynecology . Interns are posted as per the guidelines of MCI & MUHS, Nashik.

This kind of training help the student to understand various problems in Antenatal, during labour and postnatal period. They are also trained in conducting delivery , minor gynecological procedure , minor operative interventions in obstetrics , which will be beneficial for their future.

• Postgraduate- Teaching training and Research:

As per the Indian Medical Council guidelines, admission are given for three MD seats every year. So, total thirteen post graduate students are working in the department each year. All the PG students are provided training in the form of patient problem , diagnosis and its treatment, conducting delivery, caesarean sections, operative gynecological procedures , doctor – patient skill development during OPD hours so that they learn new skills and prove their skills in Health administration, guidance and planning in future. During the three year of postgraduate training a PG student has to submit Dissertation and one published Research paper compulsorily as per the guidelines of MUHS.

• Other Services:

Infertility Unit

High risk pregnancy unit

Cancer screening centre

Family welfare programme centre




• Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology is having the following divisions in it:


• Gynecology OPD

• Infertility Unit

• High risk pregnancy unit

• Cancer screening centre

• Family welfare programme centre

• Departmental Library:

• The departmental library has various 110 textbooks and reference books.

• Departmental Museum:
 The departmental museum has different specimens, instruments, forceps, vaccume, pelvis, fetal skull, models, mounted models, wooden charts, banners, posters, catalogues are available for undergraduate & post graduate students .



Sr.No Name Photo Designation Contact
1. Dr S R Wakode Professor and Head 8830522665/9422872541
2. Dr Fasiha Tasneem Abdul Aziz Associate Professor 9765444016
3. Dr Shirish S. Dulewad Associate Professor 9420461719/8329313565
4. Dr Jaydeep Sing R. Solanke Assistant Professor 9766958900/8329184973
5. Dr Swati Kapsikar Assistant Professor 8097451766
6. Dr Ramdas Panchal Assistant Professor 9560721788
7. Dr Sampada Pallewad Assistant Professor 7776088703
8. Dr Megha S. Zarikar Assistant Professor 7506507156
9. Dr Sarswati B. Biradar Jr..Resident 8698940710
10. Dr Bhagyashree Dhavle Sr.Resident 9075888664
11. Dr Kiran A. Ambatwar Jr.Resident-3 9518793542
12. Dr Priyanka V. Shedmake Jr.Resident-3 9130196947
13. Dr Vinutha Sharma Jr.Resident-3 7975782231
14. Dr Bhavna D. Parane Jr.Resident-2 72448182185
15. Dr Ayodhya Mutkule Jr.Resident-2 9562151682
16. Dr Basma Saba Fatema Jr.Resident-2 7588082915
17. Dr Haritha Chitikala Jr.Resident-2 7993502858
18. Dr Priyanka G.Walke Jr.Resident-2 8975370037
19. Dr Varsha Bhatt Jr.Resident-2 9740673416
20. Dr Roshini V. Lodha Jr.Resident-1 9370971487
21. Dr Apoorva Rodge Jr.Resident-1 9422107641
22. Dr Prachi V. Koli Jr.Resident-1 8208615932
23. Dr Utkarsha P.Guthe Jr.Resident-1 9158620602
24. Shri Sanjay Ratnaparakhi Social S.Supt. (Medical) 7796850779
25. Shri A.R.Kumbhalwad Sr. Clerk 8605840354
26. Shri Shrikant Ujagare - Sr. Clerk 9767302099
27. Shri Piraji Bhadange - Peon 7219765184
28. hri Shrinivas D.Vitthalkar Sweeper 9730915047