Dept. of Forensic Medicine & Toxicology situated at present in underground portion of OPD building and will be shifted in near future in newly constructed college administrative building having fully functional infrastructure for 150 student intake per year.


To create competent Doctors possessing sufficient skills to handle medico-legal cases and common medico-legal problems faced in day to day practice


To imbibe Truth, Honesty and Integrity in the medical students.

To create 100% learned graduate who can understand, face and solve any medico-legal emergencies and problems


Facilities given to students

Teaching of undergraduate students

Training of Intern doctors

Training of Postgraduate students

PM Examination work, sexual offences and special cases of age determination

To guide, train and help Police officers in investigation of death and crimes.

To deal with special circumstances of complex medico-legal issues in college

To guide medical officers in medico-legal problems.

To train medical officers to turn them in to competent persons to handle medico-legal cases and common medico-legal problems faced in day to day practice.

To give opinion in complicated medico-legal problems

To help judiciary in administration of justice



Sr.No Post Name Number of Sanctioned Posts No of filled posts
1. Professor 01 01
2. Associate Professor 01 01
3. Assistant Professor 02 01
4. Residents (Post Graduate Students) 05admissions per year 01
5. Clerk cum Store Keeper 01 01
6. Lab Technician 01 01
7. Lab Assistant 01 01
8. Peon 01 01
9. Sweeper 05/07/2002 to 19/11/2003
Sr.No Name Category Date of Birth Institution Name Date of fist appointment Date of posting Cadre/Designation Group/Class Qualification as per recruitment rule
1. Dr. H.V. Godbole OPEN 30/04/1965 Dr SCGMC Nanded 19/03/1996 18/06/2010 Professor and Head Class I MBBS MD (Forensic Medicine)
2. Dr M D Dake OBC 01/04/1980 Dr SCGMC Nanded 24/08/2009 21/08/2015 Associate Professor Class I MBBS MD (Forensic Medicine)
3. Dr. S. B. Madewad ST 04/06/1986 Dr SCGMC Nanded 24/10/2017 24/10/2017 Assistant Professor Class II MBBS MD (Forensic Medicine)


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