The department of ENT in Dr. SCGMC, Nanded has all the ENT consultation facilities needed for the diagnosis and treatment of ENT patients. Department is equipped with all the necessary equipments. Department runs 4 degree courses (M.S. ENT) every year.


To provide the latest and advanced care to the patients suffering from Ear, nose and throat related problems and complications.


To be among the top admired ENT, Head & Neck facility in Marathwada region.


Facilities given to students

1. Runs Out Patient Department, having 150-200 patients per day.

2. Approximately 30-40 patients undergo major surgeries/ month, 60-80 minor surgeries/months.

3. Runs Hearing handicap board every week with 40-50 patients evaluated per week.

4. Academic and research activities are carried out regularly

Paper publications

1. Reconstruction of Facial Skin Defect by Various Flaps: our Experience.

2. Effect of steam inhalation on nasal mucociliary clearance in normal individuals and nasal disease state.

3. Surgical techniques for the treatment of tongue tie in children: A comparative study.

4. Deep Neck space infection- A retrospective study of 270 cases at tertiary care centre.

5. Haziness in X-ray PNS water’s view in sinusitis, a fact or fiction.

Ongoing Research Activity

1. Endoscopic mastoidectomy and conventional mastoidectomy in atticoantral chronic suppurative otitis media – a comparative study.

2. A prospective study of clinical and demographic profile of endoscopic Stapedectomy in tertiary care hospital.

3. A systematic Review of complications of atticoantral chronic suppurative otitis media in our institution.

4. Endoscopic Endonasal Dacryocystorhinostomy – An experience in tertiary care centre.

5. A study of clinical and histopathological correlation of sinonasal masses.

6. Identification of recurrent laryngeal nerve: a dilemma in thyroid surgery.

7. Clinicopathological study of lymphnode masses in the neck.

8. A Clinical study of tracheostomy in tertiary care hospitals

9. A Comparative study of HRCT Temporal bone with intraoperative findings in tympanomastoid surgery in Chronic suppurative

10. A Study of Foreign body in Ear, Nose, Throat and aerodigestive tract at a tertiary care centre


Undergraduate Training

In this department training is given to undergraduate students regarding various aspects in otorhinolaryngology. These training are given in form of lectures , clinical postings , seminars and tutorials . Operation theatre visits for the observation of different procedures performed on daily basis.

Internship Training

A per guidelines of MCI and MUHS guidelines , Internship includes 15 days of training under department of otorhinolaryngology. This kind of training helps students to understand various diseases in otorhinolaryngology. They are trained in providing in basic primary treatment in ENT diseases and able to tackle different emergency procedures.

Postgraduate Training

As per MCI guidelines , admissions are given four MS seats. So total 12 postgraduate students are working in department each year. All postgraduate students are provided training for diagnosis and management of different ENT diseases where they able to treat different emergency procedures single handedly under guidance of trained faculties. Also postgraduate activities in form of seminars , case presentation , group discussion , journal club and grand rounds were done in department. All students were actively involved in research and dissertation activities under trained faculties.

Other Services

Department is actively involved in providing disability certificates for hearing and speech disability pateints under ministry of health and family welfare.


Awards & Achievements

Department of otorhinolaryngology is having following divisions in it :

• Departmental library :Departmental library has various 150 textbooks ,reference books and 20 national and international journals.

• Sound proof audiometry room Department is having air conditioned sound proof audiometry room well equipped with Pure tone Audiometers , impedeance audiometry and BERA.

• Temporal bone dissection lab Department is having separate temporal bone dissection lab equipped with operating microscope , temporal bone holders , suction machines and related micro ear instruments

• Departmental museum Departmental museum has mounted models of specimens related to otorhinolaryngology , posters and charts for undergraduate and post graduate teaching.

• Out patientservices : Department is having separate wing in out patient department includes separate chambers for postgraduate students and faculties. Chambers equipped with online computerised system (HMIS) for data entry of patients . chambers are also equipped with different opd instruments and suctions machines. OPD is also having separate minor operation theatre for performing different minor procedures and also diagnostic endoscopic procedures. OPD is having separate clinic room for undergraduate and postgraduate training.

• In Patient department Department is having 40 bedded well ventilated ward which is run by one unit . IPD is having separate chambers for unit incharge , sister inchargeand Head of department .IPD is attached with on call male and female doctor rooms. Department is also having separate clinic room for undergraduate and postgraduate teaching.

• Operation Theatre :Department is having three OT tables. Operative procedures are performed three days a week. Operation theatre is equipped with two operating microscopes , Endoscopic camera , C02 laser, two Electrosurgical units , microdebrider , microlaryngeal surgery instruments , rigid bronchoscope and oesophagoscope.



Sr.No Name Photo Designation Contact
1. Dr.AtishkumarBalajiraoGujrathi Professor and Head 9881229740
2. Dr.NishikantGadpayale Ass. Professor 7020247614
3. Dr.YogeshPaikrao Senior Resident 9657859938


Sr.No Name Photo Designation Contact
1. Dr.Siddharth Shroff JR 3 8007805906
2. Dr. Naman Agarwal JR 3 7001963232
3. Dr.SrijaGandrati JR 3 8329399428
4. Dr. Libin Mathew Benny JR 2 8766494709
5. Dr. Paritosh Kamble JR 2 9284343091
6. Dr. Indutai Rathod JR 2 9284110382
7. Dr. Harshada Kurande JR 2 9819536553
8. Dr. Vidya Deshmukh JR 1 9511862831
9. Dr. Akhil S. JR 1 9496031434
10. Dr. Prashant Zade JR 1 9922848993
11. Dr.Rajiv Keni JR 1 9673717856


Sr.No Name Photo Designation Contact
1. Mr. Shankar Wangala Peon 9975257900
2. Mrs. RekhabaiChawre Sweeper 9970629360