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Dr. Shankarrao Chavan Government Medical College and Hospital was established in 1988. This medical College became functional on 11 acres of land of Shri Guru Gobind Singhji Memorial Hospital, Nanded.

In view of ongoing feeling of inadequacy of premises/land provide services, govt. decision to shift the medical college and hospital in 115 acres of land of Vishnupuri was taken. Shifting into new premises was completed by October 2015 and the institution became functional on 20-10-2015 in Vishnupuri.


Dr. Shankarrao Chavan Government College of Nursing (B.Sc.) was established on 16th march 2021. Dr.S.C.Govt.CON is a second most B.Sc Nursing Government College in Marathwada Region,Maharashtra Nanded district is in the territory of Marathwada developmental corporation in the state of Maharashtra. Nanded is a city of sacred place of Sikhism with huge influx of tourists and devotees every year and Also Nanded city is a major centre in Marathwada in terms of education and business. Most of the people from district and the surrounding villages move to the city as it is growing.As a result, the health system here is under increasing stress. So Government medical college demand to establish College of Nursing which will help to reduce over burden on health care delivery system.

In the state, Government Medical Colleges have considered the need of Nursing Officers, therefore Dr. Shankarrao Chavan Government Medical College and Hospital,Vishnupuri Nanded have Established Government College of Nursing (B.Sc.) with a intake capacity of 50 students which was approved by government in the meeting of cabinet on 28.02.2021.
The college is recognized by Indian Nursing Council (INC) New Delhi, and Maharashtra University of Health Sciences (MUHS) Nashik and is committed to provide promotive preventive, curative and rehabilitative services to all to achieve excellence in Nursing education, Clinical practice and Community service.

The admissions to this course are purely based on merit and as per the norms of affiliating authorities. The students are provided with individual guidance from skilled and qualified teaching faculties, as well as from the eminent visiting faculties of the respective field. With this support and guidance the students are carrying out many social and clinical research projects successfully. The course will enhance the students in building their carrier and a great demand at national and international sectors. . After completing the course the students have job opportunities in Government / Private Sectors and also helpful for self employment.


This Government college of nursing aspires to provide compassionate and respectful comprehensive care to suffering humanity with advanced body of scientific nursing knowledge, skills &attitude, innovative technological approaches, and evidenced based nursing practice, locally, nationally and globally, at high level of quality Nursing Education, nursing service administration, nursing practice and research.


Our mission is to improve health through “Pursuit of Excellence” In Nursing Education, Quality Nursing Care, Evidence Based Nursing Research through new creative innovations.


The Nursing Programme would strive to achieve academic and health excellence by educating and training the students who shall function as nurse specialists, practioners, consultants, educators, administrators and researchers in a wide variety of professional settings in meeting the National Health Priorities and changing health needs of the society. It would encourage being self directed and effectively dealing with day to day health problems within the existing constraints and acting as an agent of social change. It would prepare a nurse who can make independent decision in nursing situations, protect the rights of patients and facilitate individuals and groups in pursuit of health care in the hospital, community and conduct research studies in the area of nursing practice.It would promote accountability and commitment to the nursing profession and encourage lifelong learning which fosters quality nursing care.


• Develop competent Nursing graduates who uphold values of truth, integrity, peace, democracy and human rights.
• Promote and partake in academic programmes that involve personality development, social involvement and are responsive to national and international health care standards.
• Generate significant research programmes which contribute to an evidence-based, scientific and technologically advanced nursing education and practice.

• Enhance accessibility to better educational opportunities for deserving and qualified students through establishment of local and international academic linkages.

COURSES: B.Sc. Nursing (Duration: 4yrs)


B.Sc. Nursing (Duration: 4yrs)

1. The minimum age for admission shall be 17 years on or before 31st Dec. of the year of admission.
2. 10 + 2 passed out from recognized board under AISSCE/CBSE/ICSE/SSCE/HSCE or other equivalent board, 10 + 2 examination in Science conducted by National Institute of Open School.
3. A candidate belonging to open category must have obtained not less than 45% marks in Physics, Chemistry, Biology subject taken together at the HSC or equivalent examination.
4. The candidates belonging to SC/ST or other backward classes, the marks obtained in PCB taken together in qualifying examination be 40%.
5. English is a compulsory subject in 10+2 for being eligible for admission to BSc N.
6. Candidate shall be medically fit.
7. The NEET examination of that particular year as applicable.
8. The admission criteria are to be revised and followed as per norm of I.N.C and M.U.H.S., DMER and other statutory bodies from time to time

Programme outcome

1. Prepare graduates to assume responsibilities as professional, competent nurses and midwives at basic level in providing promotive, preventive, curative and rehabilitative services.
2.Prepare nurses who can make independent decisions in nursing situations, protect the rights of facilitate individuals and groups in pursuit of health, function in the hospital, community nursing services and conduct research studies in the areas of nursing practice. They are also expected to assume the role of teacher, supervisor and manager in a clinical / public health setting.

Programme specific outcome

1. Apply knowledge from physical, biological and behavioral sciences, medicine, including alternative systems and nursing in providing nursing care to individuals, families and communities.
2. Demonstrate understanding of life style and other factors, which affect health of individuals and groups.
3. Provide nursing care based on steps of nursing process in collaboration with the individuals and groups
4. Demonstrate critical thinking skill in making decisions in all situations in order to provide quality care.
5. Utilise the latest trends and technology in providing health care.
6. Provide promotive, preventive and restorative health services in line with the national health policies and programs.
7. Practice within the framework of code of ethics and professional conduct and acceptable standards of practice within the legal boundaries.
8. Communicate effectively with individuals and groups and members of the health team in order to promote effective interpersonal relationships and teamwork.
9. Demonstrate skills in teaching to individuals and groups in clinical/ community health settings.
10. Participate effectively as members of the health team in health care delivery system.
11. Demonstrate leadership and managerial skills in clinical / community health settings.
12. Conduct need based research studies in various settings and utilize the research findings to improve the quality of care.
13. Demonstrate awareness, interest and contribute towards advancement of self and of the profession.


1. Bedside Nurse
2. Nurse administrator
3. Teaching in school/college
4. School Health Nurse
5. Industrial Nurse
6. Community Health Nurse
7. Nurse Practioner
8. Nurse Consultant

Course Outcomes

At the end of the course the students should be able to practice high quality nursing and be critical reflection in the practice of their profession in various health care settings and educational institutions.

The quality of a leader is reflected in the standards that they set for themselves." Ray Kroc

Principal's Desk

College of Nursing, proposes to prepare nurses for global healthcare industry. The health care needs of people are dynamic and are more challenging with emerging new diseases and increasing load of non-communicable diseases. The nurses today have their roles expanded from traditional care giving to their contributions in preventive and promotive aspects of health. Our college with its state of the art facilities shall be one of the best college of nursing in the nanded district and marathawada region of Maharashtra.
Today, alternative and complementary modalities of treatment is accessible and affordable to people of all classes. Nurses need to be trained in caring for clients choosing from these diverse treatment modalities. The books of nursing demand inclusions of extensive literature related to caring the patients opting such modalities. This college is committed to fulfill these demands of the present client. As head of the College of Nursing, I feel privileged to be part of a visionary group committed to social cause and quality health professional's education.
The pass outs can work as Registered nurse in Government/ private Hospitals, medical institutes, colleges, etc. The candidates have great demand in national as well as international health care sectors. Also they can pursue higher education in M.Sc nursing which enables them to seek teaching profession in Nursing.






• Anti Ragging Undertaking
• Maharashtra State Board of Nursing and Paramedical Education


• E-Prospectus


• D.M.E.R.
• Indian Nursing Council
• Maharashtra University of Health Sciences, Nashik



General Facilities

• Infrastructure and Physical Assets
• Separate college building,
• Constructed ground plus two floor building
• Separate nursing hostel for girls & boys

Class Rooms

Well ventilated, adequate space with advanced teaching learning materials.

Medical facility

Dr.shankarrao chavan medical college and hospital vishnupuri nanded.

Medical facility in the campus, as well as beyond is provided by a 1080 bedded parent hospital provides rich hands on practical experience to the students and free medical consultancy to its students. For more information log on to

Green Campus

Green Practice – A bold initiative to control environmental pollution and to create a healthy ambience in and around. Students and faculties using Bicycles/ Foot walk and maintain plastic free environment within the campus to reduce the environmental pollution. We also give more importance to paperless office which uses minimal physical paper and instead uses primarily digital documents.

Sports Complex

Sports Complex has Synthetic Athletics Track & ground.

Community Training

College has its own community health centre RHTC, Markande and UHTC in shivajinagar. Students required to posses special skill in providing primary health care preventive services and promoting health services to the community.


The library is fully computerized with WiFi connection. The students can access to PUBMED, MEDLINE etc. Adequate test books Journals in hard copies are catalogued. Further the students are allowed to access to the central library for reference and research work.


Well equipped fundamental lab, Nutrition lab, Community lab, Pediatric lab, O B G Lab, Medical Surgical lab, Computer lab, A.V. Aids lab with net connections.

Nursing Skill Lab

The Nursing Skills Lab is a learning lab just for nursing students. You will spend time in the lab each quarter, building your skill set and testing your knowledge.During your first year, you will learn assessment skills and nursing procedures with a combination of lecture and hands on demonstrations. Then, return to the lab for the second year to build on your skills and competencies and focus on maternal, pediatric and infant nursing care. In the final quarter of the Nursing program you will use the simulation setting to demonstrate critical thinking skills.

Skills Training Lab

The skills training lab is mock-up hospital space with a nurses’ station, fully equipped crash cart, medication cart, EKG machine and other clinical equipment.This gives you a realistic, but safe, learning environment for nursing care. You’ll practice and be evaluated on a variety of skills in the lab, including assessment and psychomotor skills. You will get to use low and mid-fidelity adult, pediatric and infant manikins to practice and demonstrate typical nursing procedures. Mid-fidelity manikins are equipped with lung, heart and bowel sounds, and the ability to verbalize responses and demonstrate variations in vital signs. In addition, as part of the learning experience, students can use a variety of skills trainers, such as IV arms, wound care manikins and central line demonstrators.


Our college of nursing is the training ground for Nursing students to develop their professional and technical skills in Nursing before stepping into the Clinical practice at bedside. The following are the state of the art laboratories set in the college for enhancing the practical skills of the aspirants.

• Nutrition Laboratory
• Nursing Foundations Laboratory
• Anatomy Laboratory
• Advanced Medical Surgical Nursing Laboratory
• Community Health Nursing Laboratory
• MCH Laboratory
• Computer Laboratory
• A.V. Aids Laboratory

Nutrition Laboratory

The lab is spacious and well – equipped with adequate number of utensils. The area is used by the wards for their nutrition practical and \ or demonstration skills

Nursing Foundations

The Nursing Foundation Lab is the practical area of the students, where they perform all nursing procedures on manikins prior to the exposure to the clinical field. The set up aims at helping the students to acquire knowledge, understanding and develop skill in techniques of nursing procedures and prepares them to practice them in clinical setting. For all these, we have well equipped lab with 10 beds, manikins for performing and practice of various invasive procedures including IV Cannulation and Infusion.

Anatomy Laboratory

The candidates are provided an excellent opportunity to learn human body and systems by spending real time demonstration of the axial skeleton, disarticulated human bones, and learning from plethora of wet specimens arranged in the laboratory. Moreover, a number of charts and models add to the imparting of right medical education.

Advanced Medical Surgical Nursing Laboratory

The Department lab is equipped with adequate number of mannequins with advanced options that help to amalgamate classroom teaching with skill learning successfully. The students are trained in the laboratory to acquire skills as per the syllabus and their compliance is ensured using the competency check list.

Community Health Nursing Laboratory

This lab is set up with articles for preparing nursing students to deliver health care to people in urban and rural communities. Our CHN Lab offers a view of spectrum of community (Models, charts) which helps the students to identify and solve health problems in the community through innovative and effective strategies of primary health care. Highlights of the lab are: 1. Community health care bags with instruments. 2. Models such as PHC, CHC etc. 3. A. V. Aids (Charts and posters) for health talk, health exhibitions and other awareness programs on different topics like MCH, Communicable and non-communicable diseases etc.

Child Health Nursing Laboratory

Separate MCH lab facility is available, and it has adequate equipment in order to improve the clinical skills of the students, where students gain a first-hand experience before they are posted in the clinical area. This laboratory provides students the opportunity to learn and practice in a realistic and risk-free environment. These experiences offer invaluable opportunities to enrich and enhance learning as well as increase student confidence.

Obstetrics and Gynecological Nursing Laboratory

The lab is designed for students to appreciate the concepts and principles of midwifery and obstetrical nursing. It helps students to acquire knowledge and skills in rendering nursing services to normal and high risk pregnant women in hospital and community settings. It also helps to develop skills in managing normal and high risk neonates and participate in family welfare programmes. This laboratory provides firsthand experience in assessment of Antenatal case, Intranatal case, Postnatal case, Neonatal assessment and demonstration of nursing care and handling problems accordingly.

Computer Lab

A well equipped computer lab is set for the students to have access to the unlimited source of knowledge from online journals and other educative web portals.

Audio – Visual Aids Laboratory

Our College of Nursing possess a well maintained latest Audio Visual equipment like Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) Projectors, Slide Projectors, Overhead Projectors, VCD Player, VCR and Colour Television, DVD Player, Puppets, Chart, Posters and Models.