TDepartment of dentistry was established in the year 1988 after the establishment of the Government Medical College Nanded. Department is developed to provide the dental services to the patients comming from the Nanded, Parbhani, Hingoli, Yaotmal districts of Maharashtra and the nearby States Andhrapradesh and Telangana. Department has an average flow of almost 70 patients per day including old and new patients. The Department is presently providing Dental services utilizing the available armamentarium and equipments. It includes,

• Management of maxillofacial trauma,

• Minor Oral surgeries,

• Denture work(Removable partial and complete dentures),

Treatment of carious teeth (Restoration and Root canal treatment),

• Exodontia

• Esthetic restorations, Direct composite laminates

• Orthodontic and dentofacial orthopedic treatment,

• Diagnosis of oral malignancies,

• Periodontal surgeries,

• Oral prophylaxis procedures etc.

Department is working hard to incorporate advanced treatment modalities like Implants, Laser and Rotary Endodontics.

Department has total 5 rooms and a waiting area with sitting arrangement. It includes a well-ventilated OPD room with individual compartments, Dental Laboratory, X-ray room, separate room for minor oral surgical procedures, and a staff room.

Department is enrolled in the HMIS system. All OPD’s entries are digitally recorded and saved for further reference. Department is organizing various dental health evaluation programs for common public and scientific programs on Continuing Dental Education for dental professionals and college staff.


Our mission is

1. To treat every needy dental patient coming to our OPD to his/ her satisfaction.

2. Update the Medical students with the basics of Dentistry (As per the syllabus)

3. Community oral health education and motivation of the patients towards good oral hygiene.


Today the art and science of dentistry has reached its heights of imagination. Whatever we imagine within the esthetics and functional boundaries of the dentition can be achievable. But very few needy patients can afford their advanced esthetic and functional demands from the dentition.

Department looks forward to incorporate the advanced Diagnostics and treatment modalities including Digital extraoral Radiography, Cone beam Computed tomography, Rotary endodontic treatment, Fixed partial dentures, Orthodontic treatment with fixed and removable appliances , Myofunctional appliances and extraoral orthopedic appliances. Implant supported Prosthetic replacement of missing tooth/ teeth, application of LASER for painless and blood free surgical procedures. Up-gradation of Dental Lab for fixed prosthodontics.



1. Conduction of theory classes of the MBBS students (VII semester) as per the university syllabus

2. Conduction Practical postings (2 week per batch ) in the dental OPD to make the medical students aware about the basics of dentistry as per the University syllabus including

a) Specialities of the dentistry,

b) Normal and abnormal variations in the oral cavity

c) Caries and Periodontal diseases,

d) Developmental defects of orofacial region

e) Local Anaesthesia,

f) Exodontia,

g) Basic management of Maxillofacial trauma,

h) Awareness of precancerous and cancerous lesions of the oral and maxillofacial region etc..

3. Management of the dental OPD

4. Management of dental casualty calls



Sr.No Name Photo Designation Contact
1. Dr.B.A. Bhagat Associate Professor and Head 9423136254
2. Dr.A. P. Nagrik Assistant Professor 9422828596
3. Dr Sushil Yemle Dental surgeon 9096772419
4. Dr.Satish Rathod - House officer 9922880692
5. Dr.Apurva Chavan - House officer 8805086093

Technical staff

Sr.No Name Photo Designation Contact
1. Mr Prahlad Waghmare Dental Technician -
2. Mr Rajesh Dadewar Dental Technician -
3. Mr Kalyan Kundikar Dental Hygienist -
4. Mr Madhav Parodwad - Asst. Technician -
5. Mrs Suvarna Munde - Staff Nurse -
6. Mr. Sk. Karim Sk Mannu Servant -
7. Mr Rajeshwar P Dulgach. - Servant -