The department of Anatomy,Dr.Shankarrao Chavan Government Medical College,Nanded was established in 1988 following the guidelines framed by Medical Council of India. Anatomy department is situated in old building behind new administrative building in Vishnupuri area of Nanded.

Our department is adequate and well equipped. Every year 150 students get admission for medical graduation. Our department is recognized by MCI for two Post Graduate seats every year. Six students have completed their PG from this institute with 100 % result.

We have highly experienced faculty. We have ample of cadavers for dissection purpose. We also perform cosmetic embalming.


Anatomical basis of disease is sown in the mind of present medical undergraduates to make them future medical experts. The department of Anatomy provides a keystone science experience by incorporating learning skills through student centred classroom, demonstration and human body dissection curriculum. Undergraduate Anatomy course aims at providing the students a comprehensive knowledge of the gross as well as microscopic structure and development of the human body. This knowledge is essential to understand how the disease processes work and involve the various human organs or other body structures. To ensure this, more emphasis is given to clinical/ applied/ surgical anatomy in the teaching schedule.


Establishment of Genetic laboratory in future.

To improve awareness in people about body donation.

BODY DONATION Awareness Program

With the initiatives of faculty members of the department body donation awareness program is being conducted. Banners, posters, lectures and exhibitions concerning the various aspects of body donation are arranged in special community groups in nearby villages and in nearby cities and also on Akashvani.


Undegraduate- teaching training and Research:

In this department training is given to Undergraduate students regarding various aspects of Anatomy, for 1.5year according to MCI guided CBME CURRICULUM.These trainings are given in the form of lectures, practicals, experiments, seminars. Cadaveric dissections are also carried out. Most important function is teaching embryology, histology, neuroanatomy, and correlating all with practicals and dissection.

Postgraduate- Teaching training and Research:

As per the Indian Medical Council guidelines, admissions are given for two MD seats every year. So, total six post graduate students are working in the department each year. All the PG students are provided training in the form of microteaching, group discussion, PG Activities, Journal clubs, seminars and cadaveric dissection so that they learn new skills and prove their skills in teaching, guidance and planning in future. During the three year of postgraduate training a PG student has to submit Dissertation and one published Research paper compulsorily as per the guidelines of MUHS.

Other Services:

1) Promoting body donation

2) Accepting donated bodies

3) Embalming of donated and autopsied cadavers



Dissection Hall

It is situated on first floor. It is adequate and well equipped with DissectionTables, Dissection instruments,Storage tanks,Embalming machine,Meat cutting machine,Bone sets,Skeletons. We have adequate number of cadavers as well as gross anatomy dissected specimens. We have Gross anatomy charts in the dissection hall.


It is situated on the ground floor. It is adequate and well equipped with student microscopes, binocular microscopes, trinocular microscope with LCD projection Cabinet for slides,Histology charts. We have adequate number of stained slides along with slide cabinets. We have histology charts in the lab.


It is situated on second floor. It is adequate and well furnished having adequate number of gross as well as embryology mounted specimens. We have embryology models of all the systems. Charts of embryology are present in the museum.


It is situated on the second floor. It is adequate and well furnished with digital LED view box. X ray plain & contrast MRI, CT, USG films are displayed. Genetics charts are present in the radiology museum.


It is situated on the ground floor. We have adequate number of books and journals.

Bone Bank

We have 5 articulated skeletons along 50 set of disarticulated bones.

Body Donation

Body donation awareness programme is conducted by department from time to time.


Facility of cosmetic embalming is available 24 x 7.

Lecture Hall

One lecture hall and two demonstration rooms with LCD projector and laptop are available for teaching UG students.

Research Lab

Research lab is situated on ground floor. It is well equipped with Semi automatic microtome, rotary microtome, and distilled water plant, water embedding bath and tissue processor. H & E staining and special staining is done on regular basis.



Sr.No Name Photo Designation Contact
1. Dr.V.V. Inamdar Professor and Head 9404659525
2. Dr.M.A. Rahman Assistant Professor 9422187883
3. Dr.V.M. Tekale Assistant Professor 9970067627
4. Dr.U.W. Mane Assistant Professor 9975722131
5. Dr.P.B. Kardile Assistant Professor 9404847887


Sr.No Name Photo Designation Contact
1. Dr.R.N.Bhayekar Jr. 1 9975158288
2. Dr.P.U.Kulkarni Jr.1 7218722768
3. Dr.S.B.Pallewad Jr.1 8850017334
4. Dr. A.N.Kalyankar Jr.1 8698581732
5. Dr.D.S.Patil Jr.1 7720827707
6. Dr.L.Z.Ansari Jr.1 8379075155


Sr.No Name Photo Designation Contact
1. Bhimrao S. Murmure Senior Clerk 8698721857
2. Kishan M. Gite Lab Technician 9423656606
3. Sahebrao D. Maldode Lab Assistant 9767151401
4. Sunita N.Ganjewar Artist 9834266235
5. Paroji D. Motipawale Dissect Hall Attendance 9970503805
6. Ashok D. Sangamwar Dissect Hall Attendance 9623437170
7. Nikhil B.Dhondge Sweeper 7972469615
8. Mohanchandra J. Panjol Sweeper 9260549003



Dr.Shankarrao Chavan Govt. Medical College, Nanded.

Dr.Shankarrao Chavan Govt. Medical College, Nanded.
Dept. of Anatomy

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